Training Courses

NC I (268 Hours), NC II (272 Hours)

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, desirable attitudes and skills to perform shielded metal arc welding work to the standard expected in the workplace.

The course covers COMPETENCIES such as: utilize specialized communications, develop team and individual needs, apply problem solving techniques in the workplace, perform workplace safety and housekeeping, interpret blueprint, set up work area equipment and accessories, prepare weld joints, deposit weld beads, prepare materials and tools, and weld carbon steel pipes and plates in all position for fillet and groove welds.

Training fee: SMAW NC I (Php 10,500.00), SMAW NC II (Php 10,900.00)


DRIVING NC II (108 Hours)

This course is intended to impact knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable the trainees to operate light motor vehicles classified under LTO Restriction Code 1 and 2; transport passengers and load over specified routes to local and district location and collect fare duly authorized by the relevant government; comply with local traffic rules and regulations and perform minor vehicle repairs and other minor servicing.

The COMPETENCIES comprising this qualification are as follows:

  1. Carry out minor vehicle maintenance and servicing
  2. Drive light vehicle
  3. Obey and observe traffic rules and regulations
  4. Implement and coordinate accident-emergency procedure

Training fee: Php 5,250.00