Being a Member

Rights and Responsibilities of the Members:

The right to vote and nominate in accordance with the relevant articles of the constitution;
The right to participate as much as possible in all the membership functions and activities.

To support the Kolping Society in all its established groupings, and to contribute actively towards the realization of its program;
To pay fees determined by the appropriate committees.

Benefits of Joining Kolping

  • Spiritual enrichment through retreats, Bible sharing and studies and celebrations of Kolping specific days.
  • Participation in programs and trainings organized on the KF level and national level:
    Vocational trainings (welding, beauty care, food processing, massage, etc.)
  • Socio-political engagement through:
    • Advocacy on Dignity of Labor (decent salary for decent work)
    • International Solidarity
    • Family support
    • Work and Occupation
    • Ecological Issues (climate change, wise use of resources, food sufficiency, organic farming, etc)
    • Economic Development (livelihood, small business)
    • Innovative sustainable projects, savings and credit schemes (insurance, micro lending)