Delegates of Kolping Philippines Actively Participate in the Workshop on Development Cooperation Held in Lima, Peru

The presence of many delegates coming from different Kolping Associations around the world did not hindered the active participation of Kolping Philippines Chairperson of the Board Elmer C. Registrado and Executive Director Aristotle N. Pitapit in the recent Workshop on Development Cooperation held in Casa de Convivencias Juan Pablo II, Balneario, Sta. Rosa, Lima, Peru on September 21-23, 2017.

Mr. Registrado is a presenter of a group workshop on the need to address the different levels of intervention such as micro, meso and macro and how to achieve success in these areas. His group was composed of representatives coming from different Kolping Associations.

Also, Mr. Pitapit is a presenter of the workshop group represented by the delegates from Serbia, Poland, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda and India. His workshop group tacked the kind or kinds of project that hinder or foster the growth of membership. Mr. Martin Rǜber, the Kolping International Coordinator for Asia and Brazil facilitated the workshop discussions.

Meanwhile, Rev. Msgr. Nono Sañado, HP is an active participant in the Spanish-speaking delegates. His knowledge of the language made him the sole Asian delegate in the group.

The main theme of such workshop focuses “from beneficiaries towards committed volunteers – shaping society and church through Kolping Associations”.

Kolping International General Secretary, Dr. Markus Demele tackled before the delegates the main theme of the workshop. Mr. Peter Schwab, Kolping International Coordinator for Latin America plus Benin, Cameroon and Togo talked about building up Kolping Society through or through development projects. University professor, Dr. Gerhard Kruip discussed about the call and mission of a faith-based social association – comments from a theological and socio-scientific perspective.

Kolping International Education and Campaigns Coordinator Sigfrid Stapel facilitated the said 3-day workshop.