BOT Passes Eighteen Resolutions in its 2nd Regular Meeting

Indeed, trustees are working. On March 11, 2017, the KSPI Board of Trustees had passed eighteen (18) resolutions in their 2nd regular meeting. These resolutions generally focused on institutional good governance, human resource development and financial management and responsibility.

On institutional good governance, the Board approved three previous minutes of one regular meeting and two special meetings, security concerns, assets management, maintenance of laboratories and facilities, possible extension of technical vocational program to other areas and the increase of food allowance during training.

Resolutions on human resource development are the granting of scholarship slot for the staff and the trustees per year, increase in the rate of the trainers fee, confirming the appointment of one staff in the Formation and Capacity Building Program, creation of positions in the Fr. Adolph Kolping Farm and the changing of position of the Bamboo Farm Caretaker into Livestock Technician.

Financial Management and responsibility focused on the payment of membership dues in the IKS and the dues of the KSPI to the Bicol Micro Finance Council Incorporated (BMCI).

Special resolution called for the KSPI representation in the coming international conventions, meetings and workshop by the IKS in Lima, Peru.

Of these eighteen (18) resolutions, eleven (11) are proposed unanimously. The rest are sponsored by Trustees Ninfa Zonia Saballegue, Eleanor S. Almarez and Onofre V. Haber.

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