Delegates of Kolping Philippines Actively Participate in the Workshop on Development Cooperation Held in Lima, Peru

The presence of many delegates coming from different Kolping Associations around the world did not hindered the active participation of Kolping Philippines Chairperson of the Board Elmer C. Registrado and Executive Director Aristotle N. Pitapit in the recent Workshop on Development Cooperation held in Casa de Convivencias Juan Pablo II, Balneario, Sta. Rosa, Lima, Peru on September 21-23, 2017.

Mr. Registrado is a presenter of a group workshop on the need to address the different levels of intervention such as micro, meso and macro and how to achieve success in these areas. His group was composed of representatives coming from different Kolping Associations.

Also, Mr. Pitapit is a presenter of the workshop group represented by the delegates from Serbia, Poland, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda and India. His workshop group tacked the kind or kinds of project that hinder or foster the growth of membership. Mr. Martin Rǜber, the Kolping International Coordinator for Asia and Brazil facilitated the workshop discussions.

Meanwhile, Rev. Msgr. Nono Sañado, HP is an active participant in the Spanish-speaking delegates. His knowledge of the language made him the sole Asian delegate in the group.

The main theme of such workshop focuses “from beneficiaries towards committed volunteers – shaping society and church through Kolping Associations”.

Kolping International General Secretary, Dr. Markus Demele tackled before the delegates the main theme of the workshop. Mr. Peter Schwab, Kolping International Coordinator for Latin America plus Benin, Cameroon and Togo talked about building up Kolping Society through or through development projects. University professor, Dr. Gerhard Kruip discussed about the call and mission of a faith-based social association – comments from a theological and socio-scientific perspective.

Kolping International Education and Campaigns Coordinator Sigfrid Stapel facilitated the said 3-day workshop.

KSPI Staff Undertakes the Basics of Community Organizing

Eager to revitalize the formation of Kolping Families in the parishes, KSPI staff have undergone Basic Training on Community Organizing on August 30-31, 2017 held in Rock Garden Resort, Carolina, Naga City, Camarines Sur.

The topics include the definition of community organizing based from the experience of known NGOs in the Philippines, its basic values, objectives, goals and principles, steps and approaches and the role of a community organizer.

The resource speaker, Executive Director Aris N. Pitapit, shown before the participants two (2) short video presentation for community organizing analysis. Then, a reflection-session was followed. Staff stated their individual responses in the strengthening of KFs, empowerment for local governance engagement and sustainability.

Such training is part of the enhancement of staff management capabilities, expanding resource development and mobilization for institutional stability and sustainability. A total of eight (8) staff trainings are expected to be conducted before the end of this year with the executive director as the main resource speaker and facilitator.

KSPI Elected as the New Chair of CamsurNet

KSPI is elected as the new Chair of the Camarines Sur CSO’s Network for Development (CamsurNet) on August 26, 2017 held at Kolping Board Room, Kolping Complex, Haring, Canaman, Camarines Sur.

The new set of officers were elected during the 6th General Assembly of the network. They will serve from August 26, 2017 until August 25, 2020. Among elected CSOs are the following;

Chair               –           Kolping Society Philippines, Inc. (KSPI)

Vice Chair       –          Caritas Caceres

Secretary         –          Alternative Network of Bicolano Women (ANBICOL WOMEN)

Treasurer         –          Bicol Federation of Dairy Cooperatives (BFDC)

Auditor             –          Magarao People’s Council

Trustee            –           Interaktiv Philippines

Trustee            –           Naga College Foundation (NCF)

Trustee            –           Network for Sustainable Livelihood Catalyst (NSLC)

Trustee            –           Canaman People’s Council

CamsurNet is a provincial network of Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) in the province of Camarines Sur actively advocating for good governance and sustainable development. It has 17 members of various organizations such as NGOs, Peoples Council, Peoples Organizations, academe and cooperatives.

The officers of the network are elected by organizations through representation of its heads or duly authorized representatives. KSPI is being represented by Executive Director Aris N. Pitapit.

Hence, it is a big task for KSPI to lead the network in sustaining its gains and partnering for change in good governance toward sustainability.

KSPI is the New Prexy of ABSNET Camarines Sur Cluster for Change

Kolping Society Philippines is being elected as the new Chair of the Area-Based Standard Network (ABSNET) Camarines Sur Cluster during the latter Quarterly Meeting on July 4, 2017 held at JLo Big Heart Foundation, Inc., San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur.

KSPI is being represented by Executive Director Aristotle N. Pitapit. The new set of officers who will serve from July 4, 2017 to July 4, 2020 are the following, to wit;

Chair                            –           Kolping Society Philippines

Vice Chair                   –          JLo Big Heart Foundation

Secretary                     –           Louise de Marillac Foundation

Sector Representatives:

Children                               –     Bicol Development and Learning Center Foundation

Youth                                    –     Kolping Society Philippines

Family and Community   –    Coalition for Bicol Development

Women                                –     Hablon Dawani Integrated Services for Girls/Women in Crisis

PWD                                     –     Vincentian Missionaries Social Development Foundation

Senior Citizens                   –     Missionaries of the Poor

LGU Rep.                             –     Naga City Social Welfare and Development Office

The ABSNET is composed of all registered, accredited Social Welfare and Development agencies organized to strengthen cooperation and coordination among area-based intermediaries and in the process, ensure quality implementation of Social Welfare and Development constituencies and clientele.

As one of its functions, the DSWD registers, licenses and accredits individuals, agencies and organizations engaged in social welfare and development services, sets standards and monitors the empowerment and compliance to these standards. It seeks to respond to the evolving needs of the target sector by setting up and enforcing SWD standards toward quality implementation and continuing provision of technical assistance and resource augmentation to members of the civil society.

KSPI is elected unanimously by the members present during the meeting. It is a big challenge for KSPI to lead the seventy-eight (78) DSWD listed member CSOs, NGOs, POs, foundations, religious organizations and learning centers in the province of Camarines Sur.


Trustees and Staff Jointly Meet the Challenges of NGO Governance Training in Caramoan, Camarines Sur

KSPI staff and the members of the Board of Trustees were undergone NGO Governance 101 and Program Operations Training on June 22-24, 2017 in Residencia de Salvacion, Paniman, Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

The said trainings tacked the Vision, Mission and Goals of the KSPI in relation with the Board Governance.  Also, the functions of the Board of Trustees and the executive director are discussed. Other topics include Financial Management and Administration and Partnering and Networking.

On the second day, Training on Program Operations was conducted. It deals on the planning and development of projects or programs, implementation, monitoring of the progress of the project implementation and the evaluation of the results including its impact.

Live interaction and discussions were observed. For one or two who have been already undergone such trainings, it was a matter of re-energizing their enthusiasm to serve the people continuously. The rest said it was challenging and keep them informed of the basics of NGO governance and promised to do more in spreading the ideals and aspirations of Blessed Adolph Kolping.

The executive director facilitated the said trainings. The staff of the Kolping Microfinance, Inc. (KMFI) also joined in the said activities.

These trainings are part of enhancing the capacities of the member of the Board of Trustees and the staff to live truly in the spirit of its founder and serve the people in the communities. More so, to replicate such in the Kolping families for sustainability and be more pro-active members of the Church and the Society.

Meet The Policy Makers of Kolping Simdamayan (a.k.a. Kolping MFI)

Behind the steering wheel of the Kolping MFI are the founding members of its Board of Trustees, namely:

Position Name of BOT Position in KSPI/ Cluster/Diocese
President Rev. Msgr. Zosimo Ma. Sañado, HP, STL National Praeses (Rinconada Cluster
Vice President Onofre V. Haber Virac Cluster Representative
Secretary Mary Josephine O. Surtida (Resigned) Central/Bay Cluster Representative
Secretary Eleanor S. Almarez (Incumbent) Libmanan Diocese REpresentative
Treasurer Rev. Fr. Fidel Mamerto A. Bagayaua OL of Prompt Succor Parish Praeses
Members Elmer C. Registrado BOT Chairperson
Aristotle N. Pitapit Executive Director


KOLPING MICROFINANCE, INC. – its humble beginnings!

Kolping MFI a.k.a. Kolping Simdamayan: Kolping Simbahan na Nagdadamayan!

In the year 2013, KSPI commissioned the BMCI (Bicol Microfinance Council, Inc.) to conduct a Satisfaction Survey for its programs, specifically the Livelihood Program, and a Market Research on what products and services the members would like to receive in response to their economic needs.  Output of which are the Client Satisfaction Matrix and a Product Prototype.

Some of the recommendations from the said Client Satisfaction Matrix were incorporated in the approved Livelihood Operations Manual last August 2013, wherein the credit facility was divided into two product types: group-managed business loan and microlending business loan.  Since then, there were several KF’s that availed the two loan types.

In the project cycle 2014 – 2016 of the Logical Framework (logframe) in the approved KSPI proposal to IKS, Project Aim 2 specifically states that within the said project cycle, there should be “IMPROVEMENT OF POSSIBILITIES OF INCOME GENERATION OF THE BENEFICIARIES THROUGH MICROBUSINESS TRAININGS AND GRANTING OF LOANS AS WELL AS INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF MFI”.

In year 2014 & 2015, preparatory works were conducted to initially put up a Rural Bank (as one of the types of MFI that seems to respond to the recommendations within the satisfaction survey).  But the Viability Model (which was among the requirements of BSP for registration and IKS for granting of funds) was submitted very late that the KSPI Board of Trustees (BOT) deemed it wise to defer its establishment and put up a Microfinance NGO instead (BOT Resolution #14, s2016; BOT Resolution #20, s2016).  KSPI BOT also created the Board of Directors (BOD) composition of the Kolping Microfinance Institution (a.k.a. Kolping Simdamayan), microfinance arm of KSPI (BOT Resolution #21, s2016).

As part of the initial requirement in the registration of the Kolping Microfinance, Inc., there was a need to deposit a TITF (Treasurer-in-Trust For) account in the name of the BOT Treasurer amounting to Php1,000,000.00, the minimum required start-up capital for Microfinance NGOs (RA 10693 s2015 with IRR).  KSPI BOT authorized the ED to open said TITF account at the AUB (BOT Resolution #22, s2016).  Since last 2015, in anticipation to establish a Rural Bank was underway, there was already a TITF account opened for Kolping Bank with the same amount so it has first to be closed before the TITF Kolping Microfinance, Inc. is opened (BOT Resolution #41, s2016).

In lieu of all these preparatory works, there was a need for the Livelihood Program Officer to be assigned as the point person in order to assure the Kolping MFI’s registration to SEC & other Government Agencies, and at the same time the initial stage of its implementation.  Therefore, the KSPI BOT endorsed her to the Kolping Microfinance Inc. to be their Chief Operating Officer (COO) to act as such (BOT Resolution #23, s2016) and was eventually appointed as COO by the Kolping MFI BOT last November 18, 2016 (BOT Resolution #005 s2016).

On August 31, 2016, the Registration Certificate of the Kolping Microfinance, Inc. was granted by the Securities and Exchange Commission – Regional Office V, Legazpi City, and thereby approving its Articles of Incorporation and Constitution/By-Laws. A soft-opening/launching was conducted last December 14, 2016 at its main office at Kolping Complex, Haring, Canaman, Camarines Sur.

Kolping Youth Camp and Congress 2017, A Fruitful Experience for the Youth

“ To be respectful and love for one another”-captures the insight of one of the youth participant in the recently concluded Kolping Camp and Congress held on May 12-14, 2017 at the Pelham Farm, San Antonio, Tigaon, Camarines Sur.

This year’s theme is a quote from Fr. Adolph Kolping that says” A true Christian love, a Christian heart has the capacity to heal the world”. Interactive discussions on the Church and Prayer, Kolping’s Life,   Role of the Youth in Nation Building and Promoting the Human Dignity became the highlight of the 3-day Camp. A total of sixty five youth from across the Bicol region actively participated. Farthest delegates were from Catanduanes, Legazpi, Libmanan and mostly from Partido, Rinconada, Central and Bay areas.

Youth participants appreciated more their prayer life as they experienced quality time for silence and reflection during the Taize Prayer and A Night with Our Lady of Fatima as the second day of the camp coincides with the 100 years of her apparition in Portugal. They also improved their communication and leadership skills as various indoor and outdoor activities were conducted. The newly elected National Youth Officers were inspired by the life of Blessed Adolph Kolping and took their oath of commitment with Fr. Fidel Mamerto Bagayaua as the Inducting Officer and the Youth Adviser. Their heart is on fire to be of service to God, church and community as what Fr. Kolping did

Moreover, it was a great learning experience for the youth since they were the ones in charge of their own food preparation from budgeting, marketing and cooking for three days. They do all the chores, from quenching water, washing their clothes and housekeeping.  It is totally learning by doing.

Furthermore, the youth realized their special role in changing the world differently in their own little way. They greatly appreciate the value of oneness amidst differences among them and believed that they can do better things together with the support of the adult members of the Kolping Family, Praesides  and the continuous inspiration of the great social reformer, Fr. Adolph Kolping.


KSPI Receives its Registration and License to Operate from the DSWD Regional Field Office 5

After  eleven (11) years, KSPI received its renewal of Registration and License to Operate from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Regional Field Office 5. The awarding was held during the Area-Based Standards Network (ABSNET) – Camarines Sur Cluster meeting on April 28, 2017 in KSPI, Haring, Canaman, Camarines Sur.

The Registration and License to Operate is being awarded by Ms. Nilsa Paulinita P. Matamorosa, Social Welfare Assistant IV and Ms. Eden C. Flores, Project Development Officer, both of the Standards Unit, DSWD Field Office No. 5.

Such registration and license make the social services of the KSPI legitimate and compliant to the regulatory requirements of the DSWD.

According to Ms. Flores, there are three levels of application, these are; Level I – Registration, Level II – Registration and License to Operate and Level III – Accreditation. KSPI together with the Coalition for Bicol Development (CBD) are being endorsed by the Standards Unit of the DSWD Regional Field Office 5 for Level III application. The Standards Bureau of the DSWD National Office conducts final assessment of the applicants. The Standards Unit will conduct pre-assessment before its endorsement to the Standards Bureau. The final assessment of the aforementioned entities is being scheduled on the 4th week of June, 2017.

Kolping Families in the Philippines affected by the Typhoon Nina, receives financial assistance from Diocese of Osnabruck, Germany

Three hundred forty one (341) family victims of Typhoon Nina were granted financial assistance from Kolping Diocese of Osnabruck-KSPI partner Diocese in Germany thru the International Kolping Society. This was made possible under the leadership of Mr. Andre Rolfes, Coordinator of Osnabruck. Fundraising campaigns were conducted by the members of Kolping Osnabruck to raise PHP 486,782 to support the repair of the damaged houses caused by the Typhoon Nina that hit the Bicol Region last December 2016.

Awarding of Financial Assistance was held last April 27, 2017 at Kolping Office, Haring, Canaman, Camarines Sur in the occasion of the Kolping monthly Mass in honor of Blessed Adolph Kolping, founder of the Kolping Society. It was a concelebrated Mass presided over by Rev. Fr. Fidel Mamerto Bagayaua, Board Member together with the Kolping Praeses Rev. Fr. Rey Daet from St. Michael the Archangel KF, San Miguel Island Albay; Rev. Fr. Paul Tirao from St. Anthony Padua KF, Siruma and  Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mojica from St. Peter Baptist, Ocampo.

Among the recipients were from the Kolping Families of St. Michael the Archangel, Tabaco City;  Holy Family, Panal, Tabaco City; St. Nicholas Tolentino, Estancia, Malinao, Albay; Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cagararay Island Albay; St. John Baptist, Bato, Catanduanes.; Immaculate Concepcion, Palta, Virac, Catanduanes; St. Michael the Archangel, San Miguel, Catanduanes; St. Pius X, San Andres, Catanduanes; St. Josemaria Escriva, Obo San Miguel, Catanduanes; St. Dominic of Guzman, Nabua, St. Francis of Assisi, Buhi; Holy Cross, Nabua; Nuestra Sen. De Katipanan, Nabua; St. Peter the Apostle, Bagacay, Tinambac; St. Anthony of Padua, Siruma; St. Bernard Abbot, Ocampo;  St. Peter Baptist, Ocampo; Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Canaman and St. Anthony of Padua, Camaligan, Camarines Sur.

An appeal  to the beneficiaries was made by Mr. Elmer Registrado, Chairperson of the KSPI Board of Trustees that since they were given aid during this difficult time, more is expected of them to be of help as well to others in need. In that way, the Kolping spirit lives on.